Educating & Entertaining Through Storytelling

As a young girl, this New Hampshire native spent weekends on her grandparents' farm listening to the stories her grandmother told.

Now, Debra loves to share stories that entertain and teach about the natural and cultural history of New England and the world.

Some stories include musical instruments or singing, several invite audience participation, while others are just fun to hear.

Since 1995, she has been storytelling in a wide variety of settings and is a featured teller at a number of venues.

Photo of Debra Ballou, storyteller and environmental educatorDebra draws from her vast experience educating people of all ages about the sea and other aspects of the natural world to immerse her audience in the wonders of the real and imaginary in her workshops and performances.

Using her BA in Biology and MS in Environmental Studies, Debra encourages others to explore the natural world and its influence on their cultural heritage.

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